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Hey gang,
My name is Angie, 23, and I'm huge Backstreet Boys fan.  I've been a fan since I was about 15, I even have a cat named AJ that I got for my birthday that year, just a little obsessive...  
Anyway throughout the years I collected sooooooooooooooooo much stuff and I have kept all in really good condition.  Here is the problem, I am moving in with my boyfriend at the end of the year, and between all of my BSB stuff and my teaching supplies (I'm about to graduate college with a teaching degree) our apartment is bound to be from floor to ceiling tuperware boxes.   So now I'm trying to sell my beloved collection, but I do want it to go to a good home though, and that's where you guys come in.  I have a bunch of the stuff on Ebay and I still have a ton of it left to post, like the Backstreet Boys Around the World Game, I have a button that when you push it plays Don't Want You Back, and I have a BSB pink watch, and other stuff.  On Ebay I have 3 sets of the Action Figures from Burger King.
I'm really sorry if this is against the Communiy's Rules, but like I said it really does sadden me to let go of this stuff.  So if you are interested in anything let me know you can even view my items up for sale on Ebay by clicking here !!!
Thanks guys!

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Well, This may sound really silly but you don't have to get rid of it . . . That stuff means a lot to you and since you love the Backstreet Boys so much, why don't you just get nice storage boxes for it and store it in a safe place. I am the world's biggest pack rat and I have issues getting rid of my stuff, but I manage to keep it somehow. I hate to see you get rid of the stuff that you really won't be able to get back again. Maybe you should consider putting it in storage in the garage first? OOo and sorry for this bit of OOC posting again, lol.
The thing is there isnt anywhere to store it...
:( ... except maybe our living room, I've pulled out all of the stuff I want to keep, but I still need to do something with the rest of it.
Awww but you can't make an organized mess of it all? *laughs*