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adultbsb's Journal

Adult Backstreet Fans
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A community for Adult BSB Fans.

We welcome all adults (over 18, please) who are Backstreet (BSB) fans--and want to share mature discussions, fanfic, etc. regarding the Backstreet Boys:

Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Kevin Richardson.

Want to discuss slash and BSB? Fine. The sex lives of the guys? Great. Mature topics like BSB drug use, alcohol use, infidelities/slutty behaviors, etc.--all fine here.

Want to share links to adult/mature BSB fanfics? Please do!

This is a community for adults--so mature behavior is a given. (Immaturity won't be tolerated, in other words.) If you can't handle discussions of the subjects listed above, please don't join.

Everyone has a right to their own opinions--and a sense of humor is appreciated here. Want to make fun of the guys? Sure, why not? As long as it's not done with malicious intent, your humor is welcome here.

Bashing, however, is not. (If you're in doubt, please contact the community maintainer before posting entries that are questionable. Thanks.)

Feel free to recommend adult BSB websites, Yahoo!Groups lists and fanfics--we're anxious to hear about these. (Please include links with your recs.)

Glad to have you here!

~~KevinR, community maintainer